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Portal for ordering copies of Bones Deep. Shipping in August 2022.

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Printing Has Begun + More Art + Dice Preview + How I Spent Your Money
about 1 month ago – Wed, May 25, 2022 at 01:06:54 PM

Hello Fellow Skeletons!

First, please fill out your Backerkit Surveys if you haven't already (check your spam folders!). The sooner you fill out your survey, the sooner you can get your download keys for Bones Deep.

🖨️ Printing Has Begun! 🖨️

I just received confirmation from our printer earlier this morning. Printing has begun and should be complete near the end of June. It's the waiting game now, and we're right on schedule:

  • Mid-may - Printing has begun!
  • June - books are shipped to our distributors.
  • July - We receive the books and start packaging them with dice, bags, and goodies.
  • August - Books and swag are shipped out to you!
  • November - Delayed swag packages are sent out.

🎨 More Art from Laura 🎨

Thanks to your support and Laura's incredible talent we were able to fit in a few more bits of artwork; finally giving those last two skeleton types the makeover they deserve. Behold, the Junker and the Carver! These will be included in the print books and will be added to the digital files soon.

The Junker and the Carver

🎲 First Batch of Dice 🎲

The first batch of dice are almost complete. All in all there will be several batches to fulfill this Kickstarter. Follow Mythscapades on twitter for more dice updates and to order from their upcoming store.

Unpainted First Batch

How I Spent Your Money

As discussed in a previous update, we were able to give all our writers a raise! This includes me (David). I spent my raise on a shiny new bow to learn Archery. I've been looking for a hobby that gets me out of the house and helps me focus on self-improvement. So far, archery has been a ton of fun and a great way to meditate while firing a deadly weapon. 

Do not try this at home.

⏳ Now We Wait... ⏳

At this point we're waiting for the books to print and ship. The next few weeks will be quiet, but I promise to update you as soon as I hear any updates!

As always you can reach me with any questions:

Have you gotten to play Bones Deep yet? How did it go? 

Near Disaster + Fill out Your Surveys
about 2 months ago – Sat, May 07, 2022 at 06:12:33 AM

Disaster Averted

This is our 5th Kickstarter campaign. Something always goes wrong, and we thought we were prepared. However the worldwide paper shortage, explosion in shipping costs, and a few other things combined to explode our costs of printing the book. 

It's going to cost an extra $2,500 (or more) to print and ship Bones Deep. That's INSANE. My distributor has never seen anything like it. We even explored other printers, but the prices were similar across the board. 

If y'all had not been so supportive and generous, then I'd have to delay this project significantly...

But thanks to your generosity we can just pay the bill in full and remain on schedule! And we can still cover a chunk of YOUR shipping costs to keep things low.

Seriously, give yourselves a pat on the back. Bones Deep is still on schedule for an August delivery. However, the sad news is that I definitely won't be able to make any fun add-ons; no posters or stickers or anything like that. So sorry!

I'll keep you updated as we go along. In case you're curious, here's the updated Budget:

  • Printing Costs: $2,800
  • Shipping Costs: $2,500
  • Kickstarter Fees: $1,800
  • Dice: $1,400
  • Bags: $2,500
  • Backerkit: $200
  • Backer Shipping Assistance: $2,000
  •  Writer Raises: $2,000

Leaving us with about $3,000 left over. There may be more unexpected costs in the future, so that's our cushion amount in case things go wrong...again.

Fill Out Your Surveys

You should have received a survey from Backerkit. The sooner you fill it out, the sooner you will get your Bones Deep download keys and we can start preparing for shipping!

Thank you all again! None of this would have been possible without your support, and I'm so glad to have you along for this wild ride. As always, hit me up for any reason at

       - David

Surveys Incoming + Download Keys
2 months ago – Thu, Apr 28, 2022 at 02:32:50 AM

📝 Surveys Incoming 📝

Be sure to check your emails over the next day or two as surveys are sent out. This is your chance to:

  • Order extra copies of Bones Deep
  • Enter your shipping info
  • Pay for shipping

The sooner you fill out your survey, the sooner you get your download keys!

Other folks will also be able to pre-order the book as well, so tell your friends that the gates are open! Non-backers can place their orders here.

🗝️ Download Keys 🗝️

A few days ago I sent out a general download key. However, after you finish your survey, you will get a customized itch key you can link to your account. This way you'll get any updates or corrections I send out later. (you might get two keys; just use the first one you see)

These keys also include the print files so you can see what your hardcover might look like!

We're working with our printer to get the order placed ASAP and will keep you updated.

As always, shoot me any questions at

We Did It! + Layout Complete + Digital Rewards + Schedule + Budget
2 months ago – Tue, Apr 26, 2022 at 07:22:20 AM

🎉 We Did It! 🎉

Y'all are absolutely incredible. I never imagined Bones Deep would be this well received. Thank you so much for supporting us and making this project bigger and better than we ever dreamed! 

We cannot wait to get this beautiful book in your hands. 

Right after this update you'll be able to claim your PDF rewards. Check your messages for the digital download keys. If you haven't received any, reach out to me at

In addition to the PDF and HTML files, you will also receive a complete PDF of the hardcover layout because...

📚 Hardcover Layout is Complete 📚

As promised, we finished the layout for the Hardcover! And it looks pretty dang cool, if I do say so myself. We're sending the files off to our printer to double check details and start the complex back and forth that every print job requires.

Here's some quick previews:

Of course, you can see ALL the fancy hardcover pages for yourself once you claim your rewards.

⏱️ Schedule + Budget ⏱️

As promised, we are utterly focused on getting this book printed and shipped as smoothly as possible.  There will be a few small updates to the layout as we chat with our printer and make sure all the files line up. Otherwise, here's the current status: 

Mid-may - I get paid by Kickstarter and immediately place the book order at Printon.

June - books are printed and shipped to our distributors.

July - We receive the books and start packaging them with dice, bags, and goodies.

August - Books and swag are shipped out to you!

November - Delayed swag packages are sent out.

I will update y'all here if we add any extra bits to the book, but I won't promise anything until the big pieces are complete and we have extra time while waiting around.  

Here's another peek at the final budget ($18,217):

  • Printing Costs: $2,800
  • Kickstarter Fees: $1,800
  • Dice: $1,400
  • Bags: $2,500
  • Backerkit: $200
  • Shipping Assistance: $2,000
  •  Writer Raises: $2,000

That leaves us with about $5,000 left over. We're still figuring out the best way to invest that money into Technical Grimoire, but it will likely be:

  • More Shipping Assistance for folks who are paying a particularly large sum
  • More Raises for our Writers, especially marginalized folks.
  • Saved for future projects like ABIDE.

We will keep y'all updated about how we plan to spend that extra cash; rest assured it will NOT go to waste. Thank you again for all your generosity and support! 

And don't forget to check your emails for digital rewards coming later tonight!

As always, feel free to reach out at Kickstarter messages are really spammy, so email is your best bet.

One Week Left! + Layout 75% Done + Updated Budget
2 months ago – Tue, Apr 19, 2022 at 03:48:31 AM

What a wild ride. And we still have a week left in this campaign! As promised, I have some updates for you:

⏳ Layout 75% Done ⏳

I was really hoping to finish it this weekend, but Easter and family plans got in the way. Most of the artwork and text is added in the book, but we have a ton of small tweaks and improvements to make. Specifically stuff like:

  • "Where should the headers go?" 
  • "We need to make sure periods aren't bolded everywhere." 
  • "Resist the urge to fill every blank space with cool art."

Here's an example of some ideas for section headers (look in the top right corner of each spread). 

It looks good to label the Creatures section, but it looks a little strange when the location is listed on each page...

So we're just working on little touches like that. Again, I plan to have the layout complete before the campaign ends.

💰 Budget + Raises! 💰

Our updated budget: $12,000

  • Printing Costs: $2,800
  • Kickstarter Fees: $1,200
  • Dice: $1,400
  • Bags: $2,500
  • Backerkit: $200
  • Shipping Assistance: $2,000 
  • Writer Raises: $2,000

We're working with our distributors to see how to best spend our shipping assistance. We'll have more info about this when we get closer to shipping and fulfillment time.

Thanks to your incredible generosity we're able to take $2000 and spread that around the writing team! Specifically we can pay a few folks who contributed their work for free. They wouldn't accept any payment before, but now I can pressure them into fair compensation! All of the people listed below received a raise:

  •  Lauren Schirduan, the Dreamer. She's been thinking about underwater skeletons for years.
  •  Andrew Harrison, the Boat Captain. You can follow him for educational TikToks and peeks beneath the waves. His ideas formed the bedrock of this project.
  •  David Schirduan, the Liar. He handled most of the exaggeration and organization of the book.
  •  Mary Elizabeth McDonald, the local fish friend. She added her own knowledge to several of the locations and creatures.
  •  John Gregory created a Skeleton Generator capable of making thousands of unique skeletons.
  •  Scott Stolarski wrote the Sunken Barge, our multi-room dungeon crawl.
  •  Evey Lockhartwrote all of the creature miens and contributed her whimsy to the book.

I especially want to mention Evey Lockhart. Not only was she instrumental in the Creatures section of Bones Deep, she also wrote a brilliant adventure that's Kickstarting right now! She's currently hosting a sale of all her games to raise money so her family can improve their situation.

Since 2019, Evey, her partner, and their three young kids have been  living in motels, sleeping on couches, and when they have to, in her  van. Being a fierce, loving mom is incredibly stressful when you have to  choose between food for your kids, medication, and a place to sleep.

You've all proven yourselves to be generous folks; please consider supporting Evey in this difficult time.  

🌊 Need More Underwater Adventure? 🌊

Check out The Ocean Are Endless On Meridian, a sci-fi zine module for the Mothership roleplaying game. The module is a softcover saddle-stitched zine, US half letter size (5.5×8.5 inches). Within its pages, you will find:

  • A grand multi-act campaign, threaded together from 4 lethal scenarios.
  • A comprehensive toolkit to help the  Warden maintain narrative pressure throughout the adventure: easy to use  mapping tools, timers, and narrative event countdowns.
  • 12 NPCs, ranging from a grieving teamster to a desperate xenobiologist, each with their own goals and priorities.
  • 15 otherworldly alien organisms haunting  Meridian’s bottomless oceans. The lifeforms of Meridian aren't just  monsters: each is a dangerous ecological puzzle tying into the central  mystery of Meridian.
  • Simple and intuitive rules for deep-sea diving.  With the interplay of lethal pressure, utter darkness, and lurking  lifeforms, even the simplest task becomes a daunting environmental  challenge.
  • Ferocious weather events designed by an experienced meteorologist, ensuring that not even the surface is safe.

Compared to Bones Deep, Meridian is a more grounded, gritty sci-fi world. The authors put a ton of thought into how ecosystems would emerge on a nautical planet, how evolution would change, and what this kind of experience would really be like. Definitely check it out!

Until Next Time...

I will keep working on layout and figuring out how to best allocate your generous contributions! Thank you all so much for making Bones Deep a roaring success. See you at the end of the campaign! And, as always, you can reach me at with any questions or ideas you have.

Farewell, Skeletons!